04 August 2011



my room

assalamualaikum wbt & salamesrabadi...

This time I want to try blogging using English.

sorry if any offense sentence.

I still learning, please correct if wrong.

This time I
wanna share about "my school".

after more than 8 months I was here, I am grateful to be placed in this school.

grateful for teachers who like to help ...

a lot from the principals and senior assistants.

meet with students who have a vastly different background than mine ..

I was lucky to be born into a family is caring and able to provide everything.

I need more work to help my students so that they could change the fate and their views about their future.

I always
think why they're so like this?

they do not care about their future?

the answer was answered when I went to their house ..

we can not blame their fate.

is the certainty of their culture. as teachers we need to see their potential and help them to achieve their potential.

but why do not they
try to understand what we do?

sometimes I give up with them.

try to understand what we do for you ...

cannot afford to do by myself if you do not help me ..

love you all.

I was impressed
with the qualities inherent in the head.

help understand how students feel.

I tried to
do the same thing like that...

I really love this school ..

teachers always helped me.

I do not
feel alone when they are here.

I have never been
excluded from the start I went here.

they received
me well.

Thank you for everything.

now i'm proud to be a teacher in this school.

lotsoflove; ~missmass~